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My name is Martin Ruiz,

From Deltona, Florida. Born in Brooklyn, New York, 1965;




What’s the catch? THERE IS NO CATCH.

Like many, I have had the misfortune of taking on lower working contracts and paying a high cost for leads and I have experienced my fair share of failures in my quest to find an opportunity that really works. On a positive spin, I have learned a great deal, which you can benefit.

I sincerely believe you reap what you sew on this planet, I find that if I do good or bad, karma comes around, tenfold!

I now share with you how to avoid lower working contracts and high lead expenses. If you allow me to work with you, you will find yourself working smarter, not harder.

I realized that if I was going to have any success, I needed partners that would give me the right kind of support and would be available when I needed help.

My first success came shortly after I found the right partners who gave me the proper training and support. Their help definitely expedited my success.
Now as your partner, my goal is to provide exceptional training and support for each member of my team.

I have reviewed several other programs which certainly helped enhance a system I only dreamed about that is now second to none. This system has been developed through my own experiences. The exposure I have had, allowed me to deliver a simple money making program for any representative that wants to work. ALL the work has already been done. It is ALWAYS best to simply duplicate someone else’s success rather than reinventing the wheel. That is so cliche, I know but it’s true. This system will allow you to be successful almost immediately.

Through my many experiences, I understand the importance of aligning yourself with the right detailed information. It all comes down to knowledge is power only when put to use.


Unlike other hit & run mentors I am dedicated to helping you succeed. I value each and every member of my team and will support you every step of the way. 
You can easily generate excellent income each day. Once you join my team, you will receive the same exact strategies I use on a daily basis to achieve my personal goals.

Working with these strategies and being exposed to the valuable marketing tools and resources, will put you in the driver’s seat to financial freedom.


https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif  Show powerful marketing strategies & techniques that work. 

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif  Help team members achieve immediate success and long term goals. 

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif  Provide team members with all the necessary tools to ensure their success. 

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif  Continued support. Currently, I am here for you anytime you need assistance. 


Whether you are newbie or a seasoned sales rep, it is very important that you hear my message. Reason being; no one out there will show you how to approach this business in a way which doesn’t allow an up-line or greedy company to make more money off you than you do on yourself. I will show you how to find, and close more deals then you ever imagined. You are about to experience, what I already know is the best, proven, no nonsense and direct approach to a very successful career as an online marketing rep. I Promise, NO Hype!

Out Of ALL The Online Services, Our Program Is The Easiest Path Of Less Resistance Because We ALL Want Our Time And Money NOW. Its ALL About Timing.

As a sales rep, one always finds two fundamental challenges:

1.    Finding FREE targeted qualified leads,

2.    Getting the correct TAKE ACTION, training/presentation that works.

My TRAINING has cracked that code, so you are 98% there. The other 2% is your commitment to succeed or willingness to work smarter not harder. Remember you received a FREE automated instant website for this unique opportunity.

The dilemma of having enough leads to consistently produce is a constant headache for most in sales. Then there is the aggravation of actually spending 100’s and 1000s of dollars to buy qualified leads, only to find out, that for the most part, they don’t work! Then you factor in all that time it takes to work those leads. All those long hours of having to drive out 60 to 300 miles just to work those same leads that don’t produce in the first place! All that driving time, money spent on gas and tolls.., for what? Absolutely Nothing!

Most Reps find that the cost of doing business with mailers or telemarketing completely outweighs its rewards. Ultimately, all of this adds up to utter frustration and you quitting the business before you even got started.

How about training? Well, there are some good resources and training modules out there. Yet most are bombarded with information you will never use. Too much stuffing and smoke and mirrors. Not enough fundamental, resourceful and field-useful material. That is always the problem with most corporate America training provided out there.

As far as systems, well, they’re all pretty much the same:

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif Buy super expensive leads,

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif Use outdated scripts, flip charts, that create more objections then answers,

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif Waste more money on gas, tolls and time than you bring in. Ironically, a common losing proposition you won’t figure out until you’ve lost a good deal of time and money!

Some companies offer a lower contracts with what they call FREE Leads.., Yeah Right, There’s NO FREE Leads out there, here’s why; at a 50% contract, writing only 5 deals at $700 of commissions comes to $3,500, resulting in ONLY $1,750 in commissions for you. Meantime, your up-line just walked away with the difference. YOUR Up-Line Just Robbed YOU and YOU PAID YOUR time, gas, and $1750 commissions to your up-line, That’s CRAZY!

Now Some agencies offer a 100% contract but with ongoing lead expenses of $400-$1,000 Weekly. That Too Is CRAZY!

The good news is that there is a no-nonsense and direct approach in profiting immediately online. I will show you, from the very start, how to greatly minimize your expenses, leverage your time and maximize your earning potential. Your Fears Will Soon Turn Into CONFIDENCE.

I will show you how to:

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif Avoid the trap of agreeing to ridiculously low contracts.

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif Avoid wasting money on the same leads everyone else gets in your area.

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif Learn the most efficient way to be the most effective.

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif Obliterate the learning curve by not wasting time on useless material.

https://www.besteasywork.com/RedCheckMark.gif Truly become a business owner and not the lowest man in an MLM company.

My years of experience has taught me to approach this business in a unique and innovative way. A way in which will definitely create a stir in the lead generating business. Soon, this program will not be offered in the way it is today. Because of my tremendous response and growth, down the road, I will soon be offering this system as an on-line course, Which will not include my personal mentorship. Meaning, unlike now, you will not have my cell number to call if you ever have any questions. Only the online training will be available.


If you want to enlarge your life, you must first enlarge your thought of it and yourself.

Hold the image of yourself as you long to be, the image of what you long to obtain, the image of health, efficiency and success.

You can lift yourself by your thoughts. Your vision will allow you to surmount the highest obstacles.

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.

What you see is what you get.

You’ll become as small as your controlling desire or as great as your dominant aspiration.

The courage to follow your dreams is your first step towards destiny.

You can live your dreams NOW..

“For Life is a ‘Just’ employer, 

He gives you what you ask, 

But once you have set the wages, 

Why, you must bear the task. 

I worked for a menial’s hire, 

Only to learn, dismayed, 

That Any Wage I had asked of Life, 

Life would have Gladly Paid.  – Jessie Rittenhouse

Take Advantage NOW!

Do Whatever It Take





I’m Lovin’ It!


Actually ANYONE CAN!


I Thank You For Your Trust In Advance.

‘My Little Voice’

We All Have To Start Somewhere,

We Did Not Get Here By Ourselves, And

Many Of Us Had To Do Dirty Work To Arrive.

I Personally Worked At McDonalds For 3 Months

When I Was 16. Cleaned Bathrooms, Floors, And Tables.
I Remember Thinking… Some Day, Some Day.

This Simple Thought, Was My Start.

I Joined The Army As A Stepping Stone,

Did Dirty Work There Too.

Eventually, I Followed My Vision With A Passion,

No Time For Sleeping Or Watching TV.

I Kept Asking,

What Do I Need To Overcome The Next Obstacle,

$50, $100, $500, $1,000?

I Realized, Once I Sacrificed,

Doors Will Then Easily Open.

Many Will Think You Are Crazy Or Foolish,

Even Your Spouse.

My Little Voice Repeats,

With Or Without You, I WILL DRIVE FORWARD!


YOUR KEY To SUCCESS Is Moments Away!  

Click Here Now!



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