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Making Money With MCA (Motor Club of America)

MCA Motor Club of America is a great company if you want to earn money. Before we get into how to make money with it you may want to know a little more about what it is.

I am sure you have heard of companies like AAA and other Road Side Assistance Companies. Well when your car breaks down, you call roadside assistance, and they come out and tow your car and give you a ride. MCA Motor Club of America provides roadside assistance, various benefits in case of accidents, hospital benefits and so much more. Some of the benefits provided by prepaid legal. The plans range as low $10 up to $19.95 per month. A person pays twice the monthly payment for the first months sign up and then only pay a monthly fee thereafter.

Another feature it has is an affiliate payment system. Imagine AAA meets Prepaid Legal meets great referral commissions. What ever level someone signs up for and pays for in the first month you earn that amount doubled.

So if your referral signs up for $20 down and $20 monthly they are paid $40. For paying that amount you as a referrer get paid $80. Some refer to this as the 40/80 plan. Technically you could join for $40 and earn $80 over and over and over every single day. Nice little pay plan.

The key to collecting those $80 payments and creating a lot of money is in the marketing. You could start out by telling your friends and family. Then you could start passing out fliers and business cards but how do you reach a massive number of people consistently so that you have a never ending supply of $80 payments coming to you?

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